Energy Industry

Shell earnings rise on the back of higher oil prices

Jan 31, 2019

Anglo Dutch energy giant Shell says fourth-quarter earnings rose 32 percent as the company took advantage of higher oil prices following years of streamlining operations

Work on UK nuclear power plant halted over financing impasse

Jan 17, 2019

Work on a major new nuclear power station in Britain has been suspended after the contracted developer, Japan's Hitachi, said it had been unable to agree on financing

Stock market rally fades as US-China trade talks wrap up

Jan 10, 2019

World markets fall after China-US trade talks end without major breakthroughs

Eurozone concerns mount as inflation dips and economy slows

Jan 4, 2019

Further signs of a cooldown in the eurozone economy have emerged that will likely weigh on expectations of an interest rate hike from the European Central Bank this year.

World markets in ascendant ahead of Fed's rate decision

Dec 19, 2018

World markets mostly higher ahead of Fed's rate decision

Global stocks buoyed by US-China trade talks

Dec 11, 2018

World markets mostly higher after US, China broach plans for talks to soothe trade dispute

Major London rail hub suffers disruption

Oct 17, 2018

Rail travel at Paddington _ one of London's busiest stations _ is being disrupted after damage to overhead electrical wires halted all travel

Washington has stood by Riyadh through multiple crises

Oct 16, 2018

What binds Washington and Riyadh so closely and why have previous perceived Saudi outrages not caused such ripples?

Fracking begins in UK for first time since 2011

Oct 15, 2018

Protesters have gathered near the site of a horizontal shale exploration well in Lancashire in northwestern England, as the energy firm Cuadrilla began the hydraulic fracturing process.

European stocks recover their poise on Italy relief

Oct 3, 2018

European stock markets edged higher Wednesday after the Italian government indicated that upcoming deficits will be lower than originally thought.

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