US firm: Hackers interfered with industrial facility

Dec 14, 2017

A U.S. cybersecurity firm says that hackers disrupted the operations at an industrial facility using malicious software which interfered with safety equipment

Italian prosecutors seek to shelve Hacking Team breach case

Dec 12, 2017

Italian prosecutors want to drop their investigation into the 2015 breach of surveillance company Hacking Team, leaving a question mark over a dramatic release of material that embarrassed intelligence figures around the world

Ireland to start collecting $15 billion in tax from Apple

Dec 5, 2017

Ireland's government has struck a deal with Apple to collect some 13 billion euros ($15 billion) in back taxes

Documents: UK lawmakers flout explicit password-sharing ban

Dec 4, 2017

Documents obtained by The Associated Press show that British lawmakers are flouting explicit instructions not to share their computer passwords

Facebook to add 800 jobs in London as it opens new office

Dec 4, 2017

Facebook has opened a new office in London, adding 800 jobs and creating the biggest engineering hub for the company outside the United States

UK warns government agencies not to use Kaspersky software

Dec 2, 2017

Britain's cybersecurity agency has told government departments not to use antivirus software from Moscow-based firm Kaspersky Lab

UK Cabinet minister under pressure over computer porn claim

Dec 1, 2017

Britain's deputy prime minister is under mounting pressure over a trove of pornographic images allegedly found on his office computer

Alleged UK hacker fights extradition to the US

Nov 30, 2017

Judges in Britain have reserved judgment in the case of a UK alleged hacker

Bitcoin surges past $10,000 threshold, only to plunge

Nov 29, 2017

The price of Bitcoin, the most widely used virtual currency, has risen above $10,000 for the first time, but plunges shortly after hitting threshold

Kaspersky Lab releases report into upload of NSA documents

Nov 16, 2017

Moscow-based cybersecurity firm Kasperksy Lab is releasing more details about how its software uploaded classified U.S. documents several years ago

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